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Medicaid Planning

Attorney Dan Siewers has provided Medicaid planning services to hundreds of clients. Dan has spoken at seminars throughout the state on Medicaid planning issues and he has extensive experience in Medicaid planning.

These services include planning for the possibility of disability, incapacity, home healthcare and/or nursing home placement. We also have a specific expertise in advising clients on the legal requirements to qualify for government benefits, including Medicaid. In our role as your attorney we will provide you legal advice on such issues as long-term care insurance, long-term living arrangements and facility placement.

As our loved ones age decisions must be made to ensure their needs are taken care of well into the future. At Hart Bell, we counsel individuals and families on how best to minimize financial hardship while paying for the cost of long-term care at home, in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

One planning option is to qualify the individual in need of services for Medicaid. Our attorneys can assist you with the complex and confusing requirements associated with qualifying with Medicaid coverage. At Hart Bell, our attorneys can assist you with:

   •    Determining whether you qualify for Medicaid
   •    Determining whether utilizing Medicaid is in your best interest
   •    Planning for long-term care
   •    Helping to prepare for future medical care without sacrificing quality care or risking financial hardship

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