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Corporate & Business Law

We pride ourselves having been a fixture in Southern Indiana for over 130 years. During that time, we have helped numerous businesses, both large and small, succeed.

In matters of business, you need a partner you can rely upon to get the job done.  At Hart Bell, our team of attorneys have been assisting local businesses for decades with their legal needs.  Whether you are starting a new company or reorganizing your existing one, it is essential to select the right business structure for your entity. Through analyzing your business needs and working closely with your accountant, our attorneys will assist you in selecting the best type of entity given your stated goals. Whether your business is structured as a C corporation, S corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership, the attorneys at Hart Bell will give you the information you need to select the best fit for your company. After developing a customized strategy for your business, our attorneys will prepare the appropriate corporate documents and file the necessary materials on your behalf.

Of course, organizing your business is just the beginning of a complex corporate life. As your business continues forward our experienced attorneys can serve as your general counsel throughout its corporate life.  We guide our clients through all types of corporate transactions. We also provide legal counsel to businesses in connection with their ongoing contractual relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors.

Our legal team is also available to aid you in the purchase or sale of a business. These transactions are often highly technical, involve multiple parties, and can have long-lasting effects well after the transaction is completed. Successfully completing these transactions, with a focus on our client’s best interest, requires various legal documents in conjunction with a detailed understanding of various legal issues and tax consequences associated with your transaction.

Throughout Hart Bell’s 130 years of existence, we have assisted countless clients through these complicated transactions. We are trained in every detail of the transaction from opening negotiations to closing the deal.  Our attorneys are eager to help you, and your business, maximize your potential with the sale or purchase of a business.

In our community, businesses are often owned and operated by family members.  Through our strong ties in the community we are sensitive to the issues which often surround running a business with one’s family members. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of legal expertise for your business while also respecting the interpersonal relationships of your family members.

In a family business it is critical to ensure that succession planning is undertaken well in advance of any anticipated changes in the corporate structure. An effective succession plan will not only guard against internal conflict amongst the business owners, but will also provide your customers with assurance that your business will continue to be there for generations to come. At Hart Bell, we will work closely with you and your family to make sure that your business succeeds, and thrives, throughout its changes in ownership.

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